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New Project

Hey everyone,

Great news, we have a new project to announce! Via Patreon we will be publishing a short novel named Journey. 1 chapter every month, each chapter will come with a sketch or illustration relating to that chapter like in a light novel! And here is a short teaser to get you all familiar with the story:

The date is November 11, 1962. We live in Big Garden, New America. New America is at the golden age, we have color TV's, automobiles, and even big planes that take you from one district to another. But an unknown disease the world government calls the world cure has begun to rampage all over New America, reducing the population by 25%.
My name is John, John Locust. Before settling down with my wife I was a world government military commander, but after 15 hard years of work I decided to settle down. And 6 months after we were married, we welcomed June Locust into this world. Soon after I noticed what the military had prevented me from all those years.
It is now 10 years later, and June is celebrating her 10th birthday with all her friends. My wife and I hug each other as we watch her run around the yard playing tag with her friends, when suddenly she falls. We both wait for her to get up, but she stays down as her friends begin to gather around her. I run outside, and once I make it to her, I noticed her face was flushed red and there was blood running down her mouth and on the ground. We rush her to the clinic; the doctors rush her inside and we wait in the lounge. The doctor comes out with his head down, confused we approach him and ask what is wrong. 
"I'm sorry to inform you, but it seems your daughter has the world cure. And as of now she has 1 year left until the virus ultimately takes her life. There is no pharmaceutical cure yet, and recovery magic does not work either. All we can do is help her manage her pain until a cure is found or the disease takes her life."
He then proceeds to have someone walk our daughter out, why would this happen? What did she do to deserve this? How can I fix it?