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Addressing concerns

Addressing Concerns 

The past couple years have been rough to say the least for Unwonted Studios. Unfortunately the studio was put on a brief hiatus starting 2017. That brief hiatus continued to be extended longer and longer due to my own(Kyle's) personal issues. I attempted to come back many time to continue my work, mainly because I love what we do here. Making games for everyone to enjoy and to talk about is my passion and still my dream. A better way to have dealt with the hiatus would have been to display transparency and keep all backers updated, but at the time it was close to impossible to get access to a computer and take care of the many responsibilities i had taken upon myself. And for that I apologize, and would like to ask if everyone who enjoyed our games, backed our games, and have been with us throughout this long journey to continue supporting us.  

Now to address the bigger issues, the Catch Canvas Kickstarter has been in quite the standstill for a while, but backer rewards have arrived and once Covid is gone(or it is safe to ship) we will be shipping our rewards immediately! 

Warped Reality is also speeding along, we have hired two background artist who are currently hard at work completing the last 20 backgrounds left by the previous background artist who went MIA(missing in action) after an upfront payment while on contract. We are currently pursuing this person legally but no additional information can be provided at this time.

We would love to continue receiving support from all the wonderful players around the world, so any concerns, comments, compliments, complaints, or questions please do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form on our website or even a DM on twitter or facebook!

We are also having to republish our games. The reason to this is due to the issues we have had since 2017 and growing frustrations between Unwonted and Sekai Project, they decided to stop publishing our games and to disable our existing APPIDS from steam. We are currently working on getting all our games back up via self publishing on steam and even going to consoles.